Pauline Harwood:

Merlyn has the patience of a saint! Her calm and reassuring manner at stressful times enables her students to remain calm too. Merlyn tutored my son at GCSE and A level. Her teaching methods are thorough and her knowledge extensive. This was tested to the extreme when the new A level curriculum was introduced. And when your son requests extra lessons, you know you have chosen the right tutor. I can highly recommend Merlyn.


Mirna Peach:

Merlyn tutored my daughter Abby last year for her GCSE. She’s a fantastic tutor, highly knowledgeable and able to relate to students really well. My daughter did very well in her Maths GCSE because she was really well supported by Merlyn. I would recommend her highly.


Nigel Ball:

Merlyn has been working over the last three years with both of my daughters, through both GCSE and A level maths courses. She is professional, punctual, and according to my daughters she is very easy to work with. As a parent she gave me regular feedback and instilled such confidence with her grasp of the curriculum and her strategies for teaching, which are designed to meet each student’s individual requirements. Highly recommended.


Melissa Beecham:

Merlyn is just amazing. She tutored my son for his A-Level. He got a U in his mocks but under Merlyn’s tutelage he turned this into a B, something I never thought he’d achieve. He is also dyslexic and Merlyn understood the difficulties he has. I cannot rate her highly enough, nor thank her enough.


Nicolla Bartlett-Gammons:

Merlyn has been helping my soon to be year 7 with maths over the summer. He's been having one lesson a week, and I can thoroughly recommend Merlyn. My son has gained confidence and knowledge that needed to be refreshed, and the feedback and what he needs to work on is always given to me at the end of the lessons. Thank you. Nicola


Jennifer Gideon:

Merlyn tutored my daughter during the second year of A level maths (2018/19). I can only sing Merlyn’s praises. She retained my daughter’s confidence in mechanics, who was frustrated with the standard of her school teacher. Merlyn was very supportive, ensuring my daughter covered all areas she felt she needed to explore in greater depth. Merlyn was always punctual, prepared in advance and accommodated the busy school timetable. Her calm, warm approach suited my daughter’s personality and they worked well together. She was given clear guidance and Merlyn evidently has good knowledge of the A level syllabus and exams. As a parent, I received regular feedback. I am pleased to say my daughter obtained an A* in maths and is off to study maths at a Russell group university this September. I can not recommend Merlyn highly enough as a tutor! I will be recommending Merlyn’s services to friends and others.


Trudy Pye:

Merlyn has been tutoring my granddaughter during the summer break and really pleased with the sessions. My granddaughter now understands her Maths more clearly and has really grown in confidence over the summer and now feels more prepared for going into Year 6. Merlyn is a very warm and friendly person who puts the Young person at ease and thank her for her help. She has enjoyed the sessions and was impressed with how Merlyn can write upside down so perfectly.


Donne Bodimeade:

Merlyn tutored my daughter, they worked very hard together and yesterday my daughter received fantastic results. I can't thank Merlyn enough for all her hard work, dedication and commitment that she gave to my daughter. I HIGHLY recommend her. Merlyn bought my daughter up three grades. My sister now has Merlyn for her son and she is amazed by how she has already helped her son in only a short period of time. I thank you so so much Merlyn.