The boring but essential bits:
  • I have tried to put as many information as possible on this website, but feel free to get in touch to inquire further
  • I can be reached in several ways, as listed in the contact section, and I aim to reply within 24 hours 
  • Please bear in mind that I will have to ask some preliminary questions, such as your child's year group, and if applicable, your child Maths group or set at school. These questions will help to decide where to pitch the assessment session, should you wish to go ahead with tuition.
  • There will be form to fill in after the assessment, and once you are happy to continue with regular tuition. We are following the Data Protection Act in handling your personal information.
  • There will also be a contract to sign. It will be the Terms and Conditions on paper, and there are no small prints. Please read the Terms and Condition here.

The technical bits:
  • I use the various platform to connect but mainly Skype for one-to-one lesson and Zoom for the group session
  • I also use an online interactive whiteboard platform to aid our lesson
  • There will be worksheets to print out, but don't worry if you don't have one, I can post the sheets instead
  • I might need to use some props, and I'll let you know in advance so you can prepare them for your child. It'll be nothing fancy, some things that you can find around the house.